DCL Certified

We are glad to inform you that ALU27 Insulated Panels L.L.C is DCL Certified by Dubai Municipality. This is our commitment to achieve and maintain the excellenc

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The ALU27 PIR panel is manufactured of CFC free closed cell poly-isocyanurate foam "sandwiched" between aluminum sheets, one on each side. The panel sheet which is usually 20 or 30 mm in thickness with a foam density of 44-48 kg/ m3 is later cut, shaped, fabricated, and glued into different profiles to form the final duct. The duct, which is later connected to other ducts via aluminum profiles and / or flanges forms the complete system.

ALU 27 Panel Applications & Offerings

The ALU27 System is used in commercial, residential and industrial applications, the final ducting is versatile and can be installed internally or externally, and can be concealed above a false ceiling or visibly mounted.

ALU27 is capable of manufacturing various forms of PIR panels depending on client requirements and project specifications. Details of the available sheets can be found in Table 1.

Table 1: Different Panels Offerings

 Code Application ALU27 PIR Panel Thickness (mm) Aluminum Sheet Thickness (microns)

Features & Benefits

Air QualityALU27 PIR Panel manufactured with PIR foam sandwich between aluminum sheet so that air is only in contact with aluminum (IAQ)
Eco Friendly ProductALU27 PIR panels are CFC free resulting in no micro fibers and eliminates the growth of mold and fungus. Accordingly, the ALU27 panels are environmentally friendly making them eligible to green building concept usage.
Excellent Insulation PropertiesALU27 PIR core has a high closed cell content (>90%), resulting in a thermal conductivity of 0.0237 W/m°K at 10°C (k= 0.153 BTU in / ft2 h° F)
Air tightAll joints completely sealed from within with glue and silicon. Conforms to DW 144 Class C standards and SMACNA Class CL6
Energy SavingsDue to combined good thermal and reduced leakage performance, electrical consumption savings can reach up to 15-20%)
Light Weight Weight ALU27 PIR panel have weight of +/-1.3kg/m2 (20mm) and +/-1.9kg/m2 (30mm). Less support needed and therefore less work and materials required
Reduced Construction time & costDue to light in weight, resulting in the reduction of both jointing work above the supplied duct and the total site installation time. The utilization of aluminum grip flanges to join the system enables quick connection to components such as fire dampers, VCD's, attenuators, and conventional sheet metal ductworks thus reducing and saving on installation time and cost.
Flexibility of FabricationALU27 PIR panel was able to constructed directly on site and due to the advantages of its weight, site fabrication capabilities increases and duct repairs and variations can accommodate on site thus reducing transportation cost.
AestheticsExcellent internal and external finish: pure embossed Aluminum